Chicken Rate Today in Pakistan 23 July 2023

Chicken Rate Today

In today’s volatile global market, Chicken Rate Today in Pakistan 23 July is not just the stock or foreign exchange market that witnesses frequent fluctuations. Prices of essential commodities like food and fuel also face similar unpredictability. A prime example is the chicken market in Pakistan, an industry that has seen substantial turbulence in recent times. Chicken, a staple protein source in Pakistani households, has a significant impact on household budgets and the nation’s food security.

Current Chicken Rate Today

As of July 23, 2023, the retail price of chicken in Pakistan hovers around PKR 280 to 300 per kilogram. These rates vary from one region to another, with urban areas generally witnessing slightly higher prices than rural regions due to transportation costs and other overhead expenses.

hare is the Chicken Rate Today below

Eggs Per Dozen Chicken Alive Per KG Chicken Meat Per KG
Rs.265 Rs.395 Rs.583

Factors Influencing the Rates

The rates for chicken in Pakistan are influenced by multiple factors. The primary ones include the cost of poultry feed, transport costs, and supply-demand dynamics. Other factors such as weather conditions, disease outbreaks in poultry farms, government policy, global market fluctuations, and local market competition also play vital roles.

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  1. Poultry Feed: Chicken feed constitutes a significant portion of the production cost. Any hike in the price of poultry feed directly impacts the chicken price in the market.
  2. Transport Costs: The expense of transporting the chicken from poultry farms to the markets is another factor affecting prices. Increases in fuel prices typically result in an upward adjustment of chicken prices.
  3. Supply and Demand: Like any commodity, the law of supply and demand governs chicken prices. Festive periods usually see a surge in demand, leading to price hikes.
  4. Government Policies: The government’s policy on import duties, subsidies to poultry farmers, and tax policies can all influence the cost of chicken.

Effects on Consumers and Poultry Farmers

The fluctuating chicken rates in Pakistan have a significant impact on both consumers and poultry farmers. For consumers, especially those in lower-income brackets, these changes can make chicken, a vital protein source, unaffordable. On the other hand, poultry farmers often struggle to keep their businesses afloat when prices plummet due to oversupply or fall in demand.

Government Intervention

The Pakistani government has often intervened in the market to stabilize chicken rates. Efforts include providing subsidies to poultry farmers, regulating chicken feed prices, and monitoring the market to prevent hoarding and price manipulation. However, finding a balance that protects both consumers and producers has proven to be a challenging task.


The chicken rates in Pakistan today reflect the intersection of various local and global factors. A complex interplay of feed costs, transport charges, demand and supply dynamics, and government policies determines these rates. As the country grapples with the effects of these fluctuations, it is essential to strive for a stable and sustainable poultry industry that benefits both consumers and producers alike.

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